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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creating a Spa Bathroom

Have you ever walked into a day spa for a massage or beauty treatment and instantly felt at ease? Your heart rate calms, your stress disappears, and a smile quickly appears on your face. Well, why not create that experience in your own home? Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing escape will provide you with a spa- like experience to enjoy whenever you please.

There are a number of options to consider when creating the spa escape you have always dreamed of.

Tub or Shower

If you have a tub, consider upgrading to a Jacuzzi style with a deeper soaking area and multiple jets. Replace old and outdated models with newer versions. If the area functions as a shower too, install a rain shower head and enclose the tub with clear glass doors instead of a shower curtain.

If you have a shower stall, transform it into a walk-in shower. They are very popular in day spas. Tile the walls with a natural texture to match the floors. Add multi jet fixtures and a rain shower head above. Instead of a shower curtain, consider clear glass doors to open up the area.

Vanity Cabinets

If you prefer to have bathroom cabinets for easy storage, go with a neutral color or light wood tone. White or cream colors are soothing. Ready to assemble cabinets can be purchased to make the process cheap and easy.

Top the vanity with a framed mirror (or two for dual sinks) and create a modern feel. Choose a frame that matches the facet and hardware color or the cabinet color.


If you go with the vanity cabinet option, top it with dual sinks when possible. There are so many modern options to choose from like custom stone sinks, hand blown glass sinks, or even gemstone sinks. Choose a countertop to complement whichever sink you choose. Materials like granite or stone will add a natural texture to the sink.

If you choose a pedestal sink, there are also plenty of modern options. Classic Ceramic, Glass, or stone are a few to consider. Again, go with neutral colors and natural textures to get that relaxing spa feel.


Choose ceramic tile flooring in a warm and neutral color. Avoid patterns and shiny, glazed finishes. You want the texture to be natural. A great upgrade for the floor would be to add heating. There are electrically heated floor options that feel perfect on your feet after stepping out of a steamed shower.


Lighting is key! You want to be able to dim the lights for relaxing in the tub and then brighten them for functional purposes like showering or getting ready. LED lighting above the shower, tub, and vanity cabinets work well. You can also accent with lights mounted on the wall to either side of the framed mirror(s).


The wall color is also very important. First of all, get rid of any wallpaper or boarders. They only date the bathroom. Choose a light and airy color that contrasts well with the floor. For instance, a warm caramel wall goes well with a slightly darker tan floor. The wall should also be a lighter tone then the floor.


Fixtures include cabinet accessories or hardware, faucets, door handles, and light switches. The first rule, is that they should all match. Having a brass door handle, black light switches, and chrome faucets is a definite no. It makes all your hard work and design look incomplete. I would recommend going with cool tones like chrome, nickel, Venetian bronze, or wrought iron. The bright brass and gold tones would contrast the calming feel of the bathroom.


Complete the relaxing spa bathroom with accessories. Tranquil scented candles, fluffy light toned towels and bathmats, refreshing soaps, and moisturizing body butters or calming lotions will do the job. Remember the clutter creates stress. Store products away in the cabinets and keep the counter tops or shower stall clear.

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