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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Quick and Easy Kitchen Upgrade: Hardware

You may not have the time or money for a complete kitchen overhaul. Whether the cost of kitchen cabinets is too much or you prefer a quick fix, there is a great alternative to upgrading your kitchen. Adding new hardware or replacing what you have can dramatically change the look and feel of a kitchen.

Hardware not only dates kitchen cabinets, but it says a lot about the upkeep and care. A kitchen with old or missing handles and knob seems neglected and overused. Fresh and new cabinet accessories add a clean and well kept feel to the kitchen. When you walk into the room, the hardware is usually the first thing you see. The knobs and handles stick out from the surface level of the cabinets and drawers creating an eye catching appeal. This is why making a minor, low cost change in hardware goes a long way!

When selecting hardware you want to consider your kitchen’s style and design. You want your cabinet handles and drawer pull to mesh well with the décor of the room. Common styles to consider when updating your hardware are modern or contemporary, traditional, colonial, and rustic. Besides these, there are a ton of other cabinet accessory styles to choose from that fit your taste and kitchen design.

After choosing which style hardware works with your kitchen, you will need to decide on a material. It is a good idea to stick with what is already in your kitchen. For instance, if you have stainless steel fixtures and accents, your kitchen cabinet hardware will want to match. You do not want to have different metals, finishes, or textures that clash with each other. Remember that some materials are pricier than others so choosing one that works with the kitchen style and your budget is the way to go.

Common hardware prices are anywhere from $3 to $10 a piece. The number of cabinets and drawers your kitchen contains will determine your costs. If you have a small kitchen with 5 or so cabinets, you might be inclined to buy more expensive hardware. But, if you have a large kitchen with plenty of knobs and handles required, you might want to budget a lower costing hardware to help save money.

When you decide on a style, material, and cost you have many chooses as to where to purchase the hardware from. The massive chains like Lowes or Home Depot carry cabinet accessories, but there are other options as well. Searching online at creative places like, Kitchen Cabinet Depot, provide distinct and one of a kind hardware. They make shopping even easier without having to leave your own home. You order the hardware on their site and they ship it right to your front door. Be sure to consider online shopping for a unique and original hardware purchase.

Installing knobs and handles can be painless when done properly. The most common mistake is having hardware in different or unlevel locations from cabinet to cabinet. Avoid this by creating a jig or template. Use tape or adhesive on one of the cabinets and drawers to determine where you would like the hardware placed. You can use a ruler and pencil to make sure drawer handles are centered. Stand back and make sure that this looks right then drill the hole(s). To build the jig, cut 2 same sized pieces of plywood that will sit on the front and back of the cabinet when in use. Then cut a small strip of wood that is the same thickness of the cabinet. This will hold the front and back pieces together. Nail the small strip of wood in the middle of the two pieces of plywood, along the left side. Place the jig along the cabinet edge and drill into it at the exact same place that you drilled the first hole in the cabinet. Drill through both pieces of plywood in the jig. Now you have a pattern or template to use. Put the jig on each cabinet to determine where to drill the holes for the hardware. Once the holes are created, screw the hardware into the cabinet you are done!

Adding new hardware creates a new look and feel with little time and labor. Check out Kitchen Cabinet Depot for the many hardware options available. They specialize in creating unique and quality pieces for your kitchen upgrade.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kitchen and Bath Style

There are so many options today for kitchen and bath cabinets, it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes the best way to start is to determine what your style is. Everyone has their own style, and sometimes don’t yet know what it is. Simply looking at design magazine photos, design center display kitchens, or model homes can help define what you like, don’t like and need in a kitchen or bath. Some homeowners prefer a more sophisticated look, with lots of detail, while others want a simple, classic look. Wood species, colors and features are all part of deciding which cabinets are best for you. Start your search by looking at all the available styles and colors. Once you narrow it down, you’ll want to find out which options for color, door style, sizes and features are available in those particular cabinet lines. For those remodelers who need custom sizes, or want more options for getting the finish they love, built-to-order cabinets are a great option.

If your existing cabinets are in good condition, and you’re not changing the layout of your room, you may want to consider just refacing the cabinets you have. This is like getting a whole new kitchen or bathroom at a fraction of the cost, and takes much less time to reach the finish line. There are so many options to choose from, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kitchen Display

Many people these days want to integrate their kitchen into the great room, and give it a warmer, more inviting feel. One way to do this is to display collectibles and art. How do you do this in a kitchen? Just take the doors off the cabinets. Wall cabinets have adjustable shelves, which can be replaced with glass to provide a dressier look; putting lights in these cabinets enhances your display even more. Showing off your treasures helps make the kitchen one of the ‘living’ spaces.

Some cabinets are made specifically for display; these cabinets have glass in the upper portion of the door, and interior lights. This gives you the option of displaying your beautiful things, and hiding the more functial items in your kitchen. With options like this, you can make your kitchen more comfortable, inviting and livable.

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