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Friday, November 20, 2009

Question about matching furniture to hardwood flooring.


My husband and I ripped out our carpet and installed a beautiful oak hardwood floor. We’ve decided that our next project is going to be building an entertainment unit (wall) in our family room. My question is: should the entertainment unit match the floor exactly? The flooring is a medium oak stain called Gunstock. It’s almost like a warm caramel color. Does it look funny if the wood tones in a room are a little lighter or a little darker than the flooring? I hope this makes sense. I’m not into matchy-matchy stuff, but I don’t want overkill on one color.

Thanks for your help!


IMHO, no. Your new floor sounds nice. I would not build a unit that would match the floor. It would just blend to much together and not stand out. That unit is it’s own piece of furniture. Mixing and matching woods and colors is very nice.


I agree with Lisa, you need contrast between the two.

Same thing when you put wood floors in the kitchen. They always looks better with contrasting cabinets … otherwise it’s just a mass of the same.


I’m not into matchy-matchy stuff, but I don’t want overkill on one color.

ncmom, “Matchy” is out anyway. Back-in-the-day; if you had cherry something, you had to have cherry everything. No more.

We have oak hardwood throughout our house, the wood is a backdrop to anything you want to put in your house. I have a medium tone cherry entertainment unit in the family room that looks great, as well as some med-dark oak pieces, and some cream color throughout the house. Matching is not an issue - just go with what you like and it all seems to work.

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