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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Odd dimensions "I'm not normal!"

Question: What do I do if standard cabinet sizes don’t fit my space? I have a very old house, with cabinets that must have been made just for the space. My ceilings are only 70″ high, so if I use regular 30″ high wall cabinets, they will practically be sitting on the counter. Help!

Answer: Help is on the way! Thankfully, someone has thought about the rest of us. It is possible to have a beautiful and functional kitchen, even in an odd space. You just need a little ‘custom’ help.

Standard cabinet sizes from Unfinished Kitchen can be modified to suit your space. Ordering 16″ high cabinets for your kitchen will solve your dilemma, and still give you plenty of space between the bottom of the cabinets and your countertop (just like ‘normal’ people!). Best of all, it’s easy! Visit Unfinished Kithen Cabinets to see all the wood types and door style options for this line. Then call for a custom quote on modified wall cabinets. You’ll be surprised at how affordable these are, and you’ll even get to customize the finish, so you’re kitchen can live up to its full potential. :)

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